COVID-19 response tracker Visionary Futures Collective

The project

The COVID-19 response tracker uses data collection, testimony, and visualization to understand the impact of the pandemic on labor and safety in higher education.

The COVID-19 Response Tracker is a project of the Visionary Futures Collective.

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Campus Reopening

Fall 2020: The VFC is asking university workers and students to contribute information about campus reopening policies that are hidden from view, focusing on violent and violating policies. Add your institution to our database, moderated by Dawn Kaczmar.

Campus reopening map.

Student Responses

The VFC is using student newspaper to track responses to campus reopening, remote learning, and social distancing. We are using maps and timelines that draw on student newspapers to tell stories about what's happening and how students feel about it.

Greater Boston timeline screenshot

Caregiver Survey

Campus advocates have asked us to help them track how universities are providing support for students and staff who are caregivers. We're collecting information through an online survey and developing resources to make this information visible.

Caregiver feelings survey.